Studying Online at UK Universities

UK is, among other things, very famous worldwide for its top of the line universities. Students from across the globe are furiously fighting for a spot in one of their courses. All that fame, of course, didn’t come from nothing. These universities have high-quality classes and learning materials, and offer a degree that will be recognized and valued anywhere in the world.

However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to leave their home country and live in the UK. This is why more and more people are opting for the distance learning classes that many the UK universities offer. Here we’ll take a look at what those are, how they work, and which universities offer these study opportunities.

How Distance Learning Works


Naturally, classes aren’t held the traditional way since the teacher and the students aren’t physically together at any point in time. Instead teachers opt for one of several options, some of which include pre-recording their classes, hosting a livestream of the class, or just sending documents with in-depth analysis of what that class’ topic is. In any case, the main focus is on providing students with class material from which to study that they can access at any time they find suitable – many will be in completely different time zones, so you can’t expect them to be able to tune in to classes every time.

One-on-one Interaction

This is a very important aspect of any student’s learning career, and hence cannot be excluded even if they’re studying online. To compensate for the fact that the student can’t have a face-to-face conversation with the teacher, usually the university will set up chat rooms or video calls online through which the teacher can talk with each and every student, one by one.

Study Materials

Science says you only learn about half the material by attending lectures, and the rest is up to revision and practice when you’re back at home. Hence study materials such as lecture notes, brief or in-depth overviews, tutorials, exercises etc. are always provided to students who are attending distance learning programs.

Group Work

Another priceless part of every curriculum. Online courses will in almost all cases organize regular online meetings, either in big chatrooms or via a video call between multiple people. This facilitates communication between classmates and allows for group discussions, as well as group work on different assignments. This can be organized in the presence of a teacher, or without one, depending on the need.

External Resources

There is a vast sea of information online, and it’d be a shame if you didn’t take the most out of it while you’re studying it. For this purpose, many teachers will point their students to certain external resources. This will be either whole websites like Wolfram Alpha or Khan Academy, or certain videos for you to watch and gain better understanding of the subject. In the latter case, there might be some issues if the video is geo blocked from your location. In that case, you might want to take a look at our take on the best VPN for UK access. Most popular in the market will work perfectly for you online needs.

UK Universities That Support Distance Learning

Now that you’re familiar with how distance learning works, it’s time to get to know a few UK universities that support this study method. Below is a short list of universities that cover a relatively wide range of subjects and programs, and all of them support distance learning.

Nottingham Trent University Online

Originally founded in 1843, this award-winning university offers online programs in four different areas – Business and Management, Arts, Design and Architecture, IT and Social Sciences. Of course, within each of these areas are several different programs that specialize in different aspect of the overall subject.

The Open University UK

Located in Milton Keynes, this university is among the most prominent ones when it comes to distance learning. It offers more than 380 courses on an extremely wide range of subjects, from Mathematics to Sports. With more than 200 thousand students attending it, it’s definitely worth your attention.

University of Birmingham Online

This university was ranked among the top 100 institutions worldwide, and that should say enough about the quality of work you can expect here. Although it offers a limited range of only 3 courses in either business or social sciences, it should be more than a perfect fit for you if you’re looking to study in one of those areas.

Aston University

This university is famous for how easy its students find employment after they graduate. It offers several courses on a range of subjects from Engineering to Medicine, and is well-known for high-quality lectures in all of their courses. It was founded in 1895, so it has a long history and a lot of experience and expertise, allowing you to rest easy knowing you’re in good hands, if you were to choose this university.